About Staff Files

In addition to conducting employee performance evaluations, Staff Files allows you to keep complete personnel files for your workforce. Watch the video to hear how easy it can be to keep electronic personnel files in Staff Files.

Keep Complete Personnel Files

Our staff management software also keeps track of vacation and sick time accruals, training and license records, employee benefit enrollments, an incident long, as well as general contact information about each employee.

Vacation and Sick Time Accruals

Vacation and Sick Time Accruals

Managing vacation and sick time or paid time off (PTO) can often be a cumbersome task. Let Staff Files automatically accrue employees' time off, so all you have to do is enter when they actually take a day off. Staff Files will calculate the remaining balance for you.

Training and License Records

Training and License Records

Not only can you keep a list of trainings an employee has attended or a list of licenses that they hold, but you can quickly access that information in employees' personnel files, run reports that show the total number of training hours per category per employee, and see a list of licenses that will be expiring soon.

Employee Benefit Enrollments

Employee Benefit Enrollments

Our staff management software will remind you of new employees’ benefit eligibility dates. You can enter their enrollment and withdrawal date, employee and employer contribution, dependents and miscellaneous notes. 

Incidents Log

Incident Log

Record disciplinary warnings, on-the-job accidents, commendations, and any other type of incident you want to keep track of at your business. 

Employee Contact Information

Employee Contact Information

It’s nice to simply be able to keep basic contact information neatly organized for all your employees. In Staff Files you’ll put employees’ name, address, phone numbers, email address, birth date, social security number, position, manager’s name and much more in the General tab.

Staff Files Prices and System Requirements

Prices for Staff Files start at $295 for a single-user license. Prices for Staff Files Pro, which also has the audit trail and HR Documents tool, start at $495 for a single-user license. Additional licenses cost $100 each thereafter.

Our staff management software is PC-based (not web-based) and is compatible with Windows 2000/NT/Me/XP/Vista, as well as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Buy Staff Management Software Today

Staff Files comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. There are three easy ways to order:

  1. Buy Staff Files online
  2. Order by phone at 1-800-874-8801
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Staff management software used to create employee performance evaluations and manage HR records.