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Advantages of Staff Evaluations

July 08, 2013 at 1:07 PM

Employee performance evaluations are helpful in deciding upon the skill level of employees. Relocating employees to another job or offering them a higher position all depends upon their job performance. Keeping a record of this, as well as any disciplinary actions and training records, plays a part in the evaluation procedure. Companies typically record any classes or seminars an employee may attend in their personnel files. Positive staff evaluations increase the chance of an employee moving up in the company.

Documentation for Terminations

People leave companies every day, but if for some reason there are adverse accusations made during a termination, a company should have a track record of an employee’s performance. Whether an employee’s job performance was great or if it was not so stunning, a company with staff evaluations appropriately documented will be better able to protect itself if trouble arises, especially since they would also document bad performance, which is generally a reason for termination (if circumstances do not improve).

Legal Documentation

The employee performance acts as a documented notice for any legal problems that might happen if the company is sued for possibly wrongfully firing a person. The documented evaluations will support any action the company may have taken.

Promotions and Bonuses

By drawing attention to the accomplishments of a loyal employee or the misgivings of a bad one, the company’s management is either shining a light on the person for good work or indicating they need to do better. In some cases people will be in line for bonuses. On the down side they may very well be on their way out the door. At any rate, the staff evaluation is a measuring stick for employee excellence. Some employees will accomplish their goals while other will continue to try to do better and others will simply be let go. Looking through a list of evaluation scores is one way to determine who should get bonuses. Whatever the outcome, personnel files maintain valid records of staff evaluations, providing an important record of employee performance history on the job.

Employee performance evaluations are also effective tools when there is a need for a promotion. Rewarding an employee that has committed hard work and dedication to a sector of the company is met through staff evaluation. Personnel files hold these important documents, as well as training records and disciplinary warnings, and can be reviewed when necessary to find an employee who will be a perfect fit for the open position.

Employee Motivation

Motivation is a primary reason to use evaluations. Some employees plan on making a company their life’s goal, while others are only passing through. A company can get a fair view of which employees plan to stay. They might note these are the people they need to supply with further training or at least find out if they are interested. The employee performance evaluation can also be an indication of the personal goals for employees.

Through constructive staff evaluation, companies are able to discover the goals of those employed by them and possibly work out a system that creates a joint venture between employee and employer. People want to move in a positive direction. For those who show an interest in working closely with a company their futures are interwoven. This can create some goals in common.

Both good and bad feedback can be used for motivation. If an employee performs well, but is never acknowledged they will begin to feel unappreciated and uninspired. These types of feelings will lead to a diminished job performance by a previously high performer. Constructive criticism, especially if it is specific and includes examples of what you would like them to do instead, can motivate a bad or mediocre performer do better at their job in the future.

After a period of positive evaluations some companies increase a worker’s pay (i.e. give them a raise). This acts as an incentive to increase productivity. Many employees appreciate these gestures and work hard to get these incentives. Staff evaluations may also be a guideline for special recognition during company sponsored events, picnics, Christmas parties, “employee of the month” plaques and other corporate endeavors. This is considered an honor to be signaled out among peers for special recognition.

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