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The Basics of Employee Performance Evaluations

April 23, 2013 at 1:32 PM

Keeping track of an employee's work performance benefits not only the company, but the employee as well. The company is aware of how well it is functioning at its core and the employee is able to learn more about their own strengths and weaknesses. This gives them a chance to better themselves and be more productive in the long run.

What is an employee evaluation?

A performance evaluation is a meeting where an employee’s overall performance is scrutinized. It can bring to light weaknesses an employee should work to improve as well as strengths indicating an employee is ready for a raise or a promotion.

What will an employee performance evaluation show members of management?

An evaluation provides insight into several areas of the employee's performance. Employee records will show the number of absences over a specific time period, how often they met their quotas, any write ups or disciplinary actions in addition to any compliments supervisors may have given them and any new training the employee has attended. It basically gives members of management an in-depth look at how well the employee is doing and how his or her work is affecting the company.

How often should performance evaluations occur to get the greatest benefit?

Employee evaluations should be performed once a year for established employees. New hires should be reviewed after the first 90 days, each quarter or every 6 months for the first year to determine how well they are acclimating to the company's rules and mode of operations. If an employee has been placed under a disciplinary probation period, this may also indicate the need for more frequent evaluations until the situation has been resolved.

What should be considered during an employee performance evaluation?

All of the information in the employee records should be carefully looked at. An employee with an exceptional work history may be ready for the next step up. Offering them a promotion or at least a raise, will keep them moving forward and feeling good about the work they are doing for the company. Even acknowledgement of a job well done can be motivating for good employees.

What happens to an evaluation once it is completed?

After an employee evaluation is completed, the interviewer should write a detailed account of what transpired during the meeting and include it in with the employee's other records. The interviewer's notes should also be presented to other members of management for their review. Decisions can be made at that time to promote the employee, allow them to remain where they are or terminate them if their work does not meet company standards. After the review and subsequent actions, the document(s) should be files in the Human Resources department and archived until it is needed for the next performance review.

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