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Employee Evaluations Benefit Employees, Managers and Company

April 10, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Employee performance evaluation has been known to lead to friction, induce stress, and lower morale. It’s also been the cause of increased feelings of unfairness between staff and supervisors. Companies complain of a lack of time and resources to carry out staff performance evaluation. So, why take the trouble to do an employee evaluation at all?

For most employees, the review process is not very different from a visit to the dentist; scary, painful and they can’t wait to get away from it as fast as possible. These days’ efficient employee performance management software make it easy for managers to store, recover, and keep employee information private.

How do employee evaluations benefit the employee?

  • Removes any uncertainty with regards to level of performance at work;
  • Understands their role in the company—their contribution to the customer, manager, and the company;
  • Builds a sense of purpose and clarifies their job scope. They are able to work more independently;
  • Helps in their career development plans;
  • Documents the employees overall performance, so there is a written record;
  • Gives the supervisor feedback about his/her performance;
  • Helps to justify merit, salary raises and promotions.

 How do employee evaluations benefit the manager?

  • Inspires and motivates employees to  reduce the risk of losing good staff;
  • Develops employees who can really contribute to company’s growth and make them feel a part of the business and its goals;
  • Builds stronger relationships and gets to know their staff better;
  • Plans and decides future staffing, professional development and resources;
  • Responds proactively instead of reactively—less wasted time in fire-fighting problems;
  • Rewards good performance in an official manner, so that it is set as an example for all other employees;
  • Helps to improve substandard performance and document it to address it effectively.

How do employee evaluations benefit the company?

  • Improves morale, reduces friction that leads to improved productivity;
  • Creates a workforce that is engaged and loyal;
  • Communicates company goals in depth, in a way not typically possible during the daily grind of business;
  • Sets goals for the employees, department and managers and organizational improvement;
  • Improves profitability.


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