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Guide Your Staff with In-Depth Employee Performance Evaluations

September 23, 2013 at 12:04 PM

Many times managers and supervisors feel as anxious about giving employee evaluations as their employees feel receiving them. If you are preparing for one or more staff evaluation sessions in the near future, take heart that you have a wealth of tools at your disposal to help you give your employees candid feedback on their performance in a positive way.

Employee reviews are not only intended as a review of the previous year's accomplishments or shortcomings. These evaluations are a great opportunity for you and your employee to discuss their future in their position and the company.

If you are looking for some ideas about what you should consider so that you and your employee get the most value out of their employee performance evaluation, some good fundamentals to keep in mind are as follows.

Past, Present and Future Considerations

Work with your human resources department to review your employee's personnel files to make sure you have the big picture on your employee laid out in front of you when you start putting your evaluation together. The more detailed information you have, the more helpful it will be when you are trying to understand why your employee has had a sudden increase in sick or personal days off in the past year. Perhaps there was an extended illness--perhaps even covered by FMLA--that you had forgotten.

Evaluation Categories

Break your evaluation down into points that you and your employee can easily discuss. Your human resources department probably has a template from which you can work to stay in accordance with your company's policies. Categories you can touch on include quality of work, general productivity, attendance and interest in taking initiative to help the company by thinking out of the box.


The standard scoring or rating methods usually adhere to a general range of phrases, which include "outstanding," "exceeds expectations," "meets expectations" and "improvement needed."

Personal Characteristics

There is more to your evaluation than checking off pre-determined boxes. Prepare to discuss your employee's personal characteristics and how those characteristics benefit or possibly detract from their standing. Some characteristics to consider include your employee's confidence, decision-making ability, ambition, problem-solving skills, response to criticism, discretion and many others.

Performance, Attendance and Attitude

Herein lies the heart of the matter, so make sure you coordinate with human resources to retrieve the data culled from the staff management software program that they use. Be sure to have a full and accurate picture so you can praise or encourage changes accordingly.

Job Descriptions

The job descriptions part of the employee performance evaluation is another important factor, especially if your employee received a promotion or changed jobs in the past year, or if you are considering extending your employee a new position within the company. Make sure you know their job and current salary before you make any offers.

Another Successful Staff Member Evaluation

When you follow your company's evaluation policy and rely on the right information from your HR department and their software program or hard filing system, things should run smoothly for a productive evaluation.

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