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Guidelines for Giving Effective Employee Evaluations

July 25, 2013 at 1:55 PM

Start early in the year planning the performance review for each employee. Sit down with each employee and provide a list of expectations. Every employee should have a copy of the job performance requirements so they know what is expected of them. A staff evaluation is stressful for most employees so plan ahead. The evaluation should include the performance standards that you measure your employees by.

Define Job Performance Standards & Set Goals

Performance standards should be achievable and related to the job directly. Goals can be created for each employee depending on their strengths and weaknesses. For a computer programmer, it might be learning a new software or computer language to design programs with. For a sales person, it might be to sell a specific dollar amount or to gain a specific number of new customers during the year. Goals often motivate an employee to want to achieve. Once you identify performance standards and goals they can be typed into the computer using your human resources software. This can be stored directly in the personnel files.

Decide on Frequency of Employee Evaluations

An employee evaluation should be given at least once a year. You can meet a few times with each employee to discuss how things are going. Keep notes or a log during the year of any observations. Talking with employees is always a good way to track performance. Type notes using the employee evaluations form using the computer software program. That way when the time comes to give the staff evaluation you will be prepared.

Review Strengths as well as Weaknesses

Before the evaluation, review the job performance standards, goals, and the log. Review as much information as you can so you have a good picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. When you write the staff evaluation start with the positive feedback, followed by the negative. Try to state criticism constructively so staff members handle it better. When giving criticism to a staff member that needs improvement give specific examples how this can be accomplished.

Suggest the Employee Prepare for Performance Reviews, Too

Give the employee a copy of the performance review before you sit down with them. Ask them to jot down what they have accomplished this year and the concerns they have about the job to discuss during the evaluation. When giving employees criticism focus on ways they can improve and be specific with your details.

Miscellaneous Employee Evaluations Tips

Employee evaluations using staff management software can be very detailed about many aspects of the job. It often rates the quality of the work, productivity, knowledge of the job, dependability, judgment and relationships with other people. This software organizes and helps you give a more detailed fair evaluation because you keep track of information all year long.

When making evaluations discuss job performance not personality traits. Some employees are not sociable but have the skills to do the job. If the job requires social skills and they lack them tell the employee the areas they need to improve and how to do this. Give them specific examples in your evaluation. For example, for a customer service representative, you could suggest “You need to follow-up more on sales calls after you meet with customers. This should be done within the same week.” Instead of just telling them they are doing something wrong, give them ideas on how they can do better.

Don't ask employees to evaluate themselves because they are not objective. It does not give them a chance to learn and grow. When discussing poor performance have specific examples because a general statement does not really show the employee where to improve. Talk about performance over the last year not just the last few months. You want an accurate picture of what motivates your employees during the entire year.

When conducting staff evaluations invest in human resources software because it helps you stay organized and keep employee information in personnel files in an up to date and organized way.

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