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Helping Businesses Succeed with Employee Evaluations

September 11, 2013 at 1:37 PM

The success of a business rests in the hands of its employees. A business could provide a wonderful product or service, but if the employees lack professionalism or are underperforming the business will not succeed.

Conducting regular employee evaluations can help provide supervisors and/or human resource departments with the information they need to properly evaluate all employees. This information can be used to conduct routine employee performance evaluations will improve a business's chance for success.

What Type of Information is kept in Personnel Files that are used for Employee Evaluations?

The information that is saved in personnel files can be anything that a business believes is vital to the success of the individual and the company.

Some of the most common information that is filed in a personnel file and used for employee evaluation includes:

  • Sales records indicating total sales made, upgrades, and other information pertaining to a sale
  • Customer complaints/compliments from comment cards, online reviews, or contact us forms
  • Attendance records that track hours worked, number of unexcused absences, and any tardiness
  • Supervisor observations that include willingness to help out, attitude towards the company, and interaction with other employees
  • Work history with the company (departments worked, positions held, etc.)
  • Training class history and professional licenses

This information can help supervisors evaluate an employee's performance. During the evaluation the supervisor can offer suggestions for improvement, provide compliments on a job well done, or open the door for discussion on any issues or problems that are occurring.

When and How Often Employee Evaluations Occur?

Each company will have a different structure for how often they conduct performance evaluations. Some will conduct them on a regular schedule, while others will conduct them depending upon how long an employee has been employed with the company.

Some of the most popular times to conduct a performance evaluation include:

  • A certain amount of time after an employee has been hired (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, a year)
  • Yearly or bi-yearly evaluations (at the beginning of the year or on the anniversary of hire date)
  • When a problem has been brought to the attention of HR/supervisors

Conducting employee performance evaluations will be up to the supervisors and HR staff. Conduct them too often and they become a burden for all involved, conduct them infrequently and the information collected will be useless.

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