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Keeping Track of Disciplinary Actions with Electronic Personnel Files Software

February 24, 2014 at 8:44 AM

Disciplinary actions are an unpopular but necessary part of employee management. In order to keep a good working atmosphere, it is important to handle disciplinary actions with professionalism. Using an HR system can make the process much more efficient. Here are some tips on handling disciplinary actions and how you can use electronic personnel files software to help.

Consistency and Fairness

Not only does being consistent keep morale in check, it also keeps everything legal. It's considered discrimination to discipline people differently for the same infraction. Having a written record of disciplinary actions is crucial in maintaining consistent treatment of employees. It’s also important for your employees to be aware of the infractions that will get them disciplined. Employee handbooks should clearly outline employee duties as well as what is not acceptable behavior. A warning system can make sure that employees understand your concerns. When their signature is on a page saying they were warned about a certain action, it shows they are given a fair amount of chances.

Investigate with Objectivity

Often times, employee issues are not black and white. There may be valid excuses as to why the employee acted a certain way. Make sure to get their point of view, back up all claims you can with evidence, and don’t make assumptions. Things aren’t always what they appear to be at face value. It can be easy to only see one side of the story, especially when the relationships with the parties involved are different. If you do not feel you can be objective, you should have a human resource manager handle the issue. A third party can more easily judge the matter with objectivity. Is there more than one incident on file? How was the last personnel performance evaluation? How long have they been with the company? All these questions can be answered with a quality staff management software program.

Maintain Confidentiality

Keeping employees’ infractions confidential is important for several reasons. Not only is ignoring confidentiality a sign of disrespect to your employee, but it also may be violating legal regulations. When meeting with the employee about the issue, make sure it is out of ear-shot of other employees. Many companies meet regularly to evaluate employee performance and for project updates. Having a conversation about the issue during these times may feel less intimidating to your employee than calling a special meeting. It is also less likely to raise suspicion form others. Make sure your electronic personnel files software can only be accessed by management.

Using a standard form to document the incident is a common practice with small business owners to help handle disciplinary actions with professionalism. The form should include all the information you found during your investigation of the incident such as the dates, witnesses, and other relevant evidence. It is wise to include any penalty their actions incurred. Save this in their electronic file along with all other employee information.

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