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Review Staff Performance Using an Employee Evaluation System Software Program

July 10, 2014 at 9:04 AM

Staff performance reviews help business owners, managers and supervisors evaluate the work performance of employees to determine if everything is up to par, and using an employee evaluation system make the process easy. Various opinions exist about the right time to conduct employee performance evaluation reviews. Consequently, each employer needs to make a decision about the right time to conduct a performance evaluation. Using staff management software helps employers maintain permanent employee evaluation personnel files for future reference.

Choose the Right Time to Conduct a Performance Review

A new employee should receive a performance evaluation review after a three-month probationary period. Some employers conduct reviews after 30 days. Frankly, a thirty-day period does not afford ample time for new employees to thoroughly understand job duties and expectations. In addition, an employer wants to pay attention to whether employees demonstrate responsible attitudes. One month is not enough time to evaluate if a particular employee frequently clocks in late, calls in sick or sloughs off while at work. On the other hand, three months is an ample period to conduct a valid employee review in which an employer can offer detailed feedback about the employee's performance.

What to Cover in a Three-Month Probationary Review

A new employee is nervous about keeping a job for the long-term, so the supervisor conducting a review needs to address issues that might cause a worker to lose the job. For instance, if the employee habitually clocks in 10 minutes late during the three-month probationary period, an employer can give the worker a verbal warning regarding clocking in on time. If the employee continues to clock in late, the next step is to give the employee written notice that this type of behavior needs to stop if the worker wants to keep his or her job.

Other issues to cover during a staff performance evaluation include general work performance habits. The employer needs to go over the employee's performance and point out areas needing improvement. Additionally, the worker needs to have a positive attitude in the workplace and get along with other employees. An employer can easily cover all these important issues in a thirty-minute to one-hour employee review. After the staff performance review ends, employers can use the employee evaluation system to enter pertinent information into the employee's personnel files.

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