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The Role of Employee Evaluation Software in Painless Performance Reviews

August 09, 2013 at 8:37 AM

Evaluating loyal employees can be a difficult task. Too many managers are guilty of delaying the presentation of employee performance evaluations -- not because they're trying to suppress promotions or don't feel like tackling the paperwork -- but because rating an employee on his effectiveness face-to-face can lead to uncomfortable feelings or even confrontation. Everyone has his own individual strengths and weaknesses, and not everyone handles constructive criticism well. In the long run, however, these evaluations play a critical role in your company's efficiency, and they must be faced accordingly. Using effective employee evaluation software will help you determine what vital information -- both good and bad -- must be covered. It can also make the evaluation process less inhibiting for both your managers and their subordinates by helping place emphasis on the positives.

Employee’s Strengths

Use evaluations to identify your employee's strengths. Even the weakest-performing employee has areas in which he excels. Bring these to light during the annual performance evaluations, even if they encompass only the most basic principles such as punctuality, willingness to please or to work late, adherence to company policies or having open availability. Most employees can hit at least several of these simple goals. When there's little else to talk about, be sure to highlight the basics.

Employee’s Weaknesses

Put a positive spin on any bad news you must mention. When you're face-to-face with an employee who needs improvement, it's vital that you impart this information to him. Allowing an under-performing employee to continue unchecked does a disservice to him, to his harder-working peers and to the efficiency of your operation as a whole. Present your expectations and his failure to meet them in a positive light. For instance, improving his attendance could gain him points for reliability, while getting his work performance up to goal could open up new opportunities for growth and promotion. Once your employee realizes you are aware of his shortcomings and are willing to permit him room for improvement, his attitude may well change for the better. Sometimes acknowledgement is all it takes.

Manager’s Efficiency

Provide incentives for managers who consistently tackle employee performance evaluations in a timely manner. Employee evaluation software can alert you to the specific dates that performances were both written and presented, and can track those managers who consistently meet or exceed staff evaluation deadlines. Make it company policy to reward those managers accordingly.

Provide an effective feedback system regarding the intricacies of your company's performance evaluation routines. Afford the recipients of evaluations to expound on their effectiveness and on the quality of the presentations. Effective two-way communication can only help your business to grow in the right directions.

As your number of employees’ increases, you'll find employee evaluation software to be more and more necessary as it helps you to keep the human resource aspects of your business organized and flowing smoothly. 

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