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The Significance of Employee Evaluations

June 25, 2013 at 2:20 PM

Though a great deal can be said in expression of the importance of employee evaluations, there are some who question the necessity and effectiveness of using employee evaluations as a growth development and quality control tool. The truth is that a well devised and executed employee evaluation program has the power and potential to increase employee performance, employee morale, and overall productivity and service quality within your company.

Goal of Employee Evaluations

The key is to understand the goal of employee evaluations. It has been said, “When purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable.” This is very true, and should be applied to the concept and philosophy of employee evaluations. Employee evaluations are not designed to be used as a mechanism to justify withholding raises, bonuses and promotions. It is not a functional medium designed to manipulate and control your employees. In essence, employee evaluations are a concept that centers on employee development. It is meant to encourage, train, direct and reward.

Yes, there will be times when an employee will have to face the fact that they are performing at a subpar standard; however, even the way that this is communicated will have an immense impact on how effective the tool will be. This function is not meant to degrade, demoralize, or disenfranchise the employee. It is an opportunity to acknowledge areas of strength while revealing areas that need improvement. How this is done will determine just how powerful of a tool employee evaluations can be within your company.

Once you understand the goal of evaluating employee performance s it will shape your methodology, philosophy and approach. One of the most important rules of engagement when conducting employee evaluations is understanding that each of your employees are individuals and that no cookie cutter approach to dealing with them will work effectively each time.

Approach to Evaluating Employee Performance

If you have an employee that is sensitive to criticism you will definitely have to treat them differently than the employee that responds to a more direct approach. The greatest tool to determining how you approach each employee will be your ability to effectively listen. Allow your employee to tell you what they think about their performance and their position in general. Encourage them to be forthcoming in their expressions. This allows them to take ownership of the role that they play in your company. You will also want to be very considerate to what you place in your employees permanent personnel file.

Be creative and considerate in the manner in which you address your employee’s shortcomings. There are numerous techniques that can be used to point out areas that need improvement without making your employee feel like a failure, or unappreciated.

Try to conduct employee evaluations on a regular basis. The more often evaluations are conducted the more congruent the process will be in encouraging complete employee development. You will be able to address issues of concern sooner, before they become poor habits that are extremely difficult to break. This also allows you a more consistent opportunity to provide positive feedback to your employees. Positive feedback is a powerful source of growth and development for your staff.

Once again, remember that your goal in evaluating employee performance is to produce a more effective and connected employee. The old adage “A happy employee is an effective employee” is exceptionally accurate. Your company will run a lot smoother when your staff is happy and involved in the process.

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