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Why Employee Evaluations Are Important and How to Use Them

January 31, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Employees’ evaluations are one of those things that most people dread, whether they are the one being evaluated or the one doing the evaluation. But if employee evaluations are done right they can become one of the most important things the HR representative or supervisor does. Employee evaluations are great way of determining pay raises and promotions. But a poorly done employee evaluation is no help at all.

Decide on Job Performance Criteria

It Is important to have a key list of criteria you are looking for when getting ready to evaluate an employee. But this in and of itself can be a difficult task, particularly if the person doing the evaluation does not know the job well. If are assigned to do an evaluation for a job you do not know and have not done, take some time to learn the job to find out what the demands and responsibilities are. This could be through observation or by interviewing people with the same and similar job descriptions and their supervisors. Once you have created a list of criteria for the evaluation, it is time to do the evaluation.

Observe Employee’s Performance

If you can, take some time to observe the employee over a period of several days. The best employee evaluations are ones that are done by someone who knows the employee well and who sees them often and communicates regularly with them. Of course, they also need to be impartial, which is why peer-to-peer employee evaluations don’t always work.

Effective Employee Performance Software

Having the right kind of software program, especially one that is safe and secure, is also very helpful when doing employee evaluations. Poorly designed software can make the process arduous, time consuming and tedious. The right kind of software can also help keep track of evaluations over time, so that when it comes time for raises and promotions or cutting back on staff, the right people can be rewarded and disciplined.

Following all these criteria will help to ensure that employee evaluations go smoothly and quickly. They will help to provide a record of who is a good, well qualified, and efficient employee. They will also provide documentation for when something goes wrong and make it easier to discipline or fire a problem employee.

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