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Why Haven’t You Started Conducting Employee Evaluations?

February 07, 2013 at 1:41 PM

Employee evaluations are a vital part of any business, whether you have two people or two thousand people working for you and your company. There are several reasons why, you, as a business owner, supervisor, or employee manager, would want to conduct a performance evaluation on each of your employees. The biggest reason, of course, is to make sure each and every employee is carrying their weight and doing what they should be doing for the company. So, why haven’t you started conducting employee evaluations?

Too Much Work & Too Time Consuming

The smaller the business, the more likely you may be still conducting performance reviews off of paper forms or typing up your own with added notes. This is far more work and requires you to take time away from the rest of your own responsibilities. Staff management software is a much better option, because you can quickly and easily type into the software forms for each employee exactly what you want to say. You can save the document and see a history of their performance evaluations over time.

Accessing Employee Evaluations

When you have finished typing in notes on each of the categories you are assessing the employee(s), you can print or email copies at will for the employee(s) and present them with their own review to look at as you discuss each their job performance. When you use PC-based software, the employees would not have access to their performance evaluations or personnel files because they come from a software program installed on your computer and not the internet. The personnel files the program helps you create can encrypt or lock with pass codes when you save them.

Difficult Discussions

During the meeting, you could start the discussion with what the employee is doing well first and then move on to areas that need improvement, or you could simply start at the top of the form and discuss how they've scored in each area. Don’t pass over those areas where the employee could definitely do better. Even though it may be difficult, it’s important to talk about things that aren’t going well. Explain to them why you feel they could do better and allow them to give feedback on their own performance. Be prepared with examples of situations that could have been better and examples of what you would prefer they do.

Not only will annual evaluations help keep employees focused on improving their job performance, it will also help you choose the best route of delivery for disciplinary actions and distribution of raises and bonuses to those that deserve it.

If you haven't been conducting employee evaluations for each and every employee under your charge, now's the time to start. Choose how many times a year you will have an evaluation and stick to it. Staff management software will help you get organized and keep personnel files from getting scattered and cluttered, as well as easily write employee evaluations. 

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